Imma J. López
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Watery Gaze

Jayashree Krishnan
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Maybe I will make a book
one copy
just for myself
the me of me
she’s been here all along
I’ve been here all along
I’ve been here all along

Maybe I
will make a book
and I will love that book
as much as I love
Ajike’s book
I will look at the fonts
I will choose something
I will see all the words
page after page
I’ve been here
I will know
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Jennifer Hole

Biathlete Wiesbaden

This photograph captures the accumulation of 1/30th of a second of a biathlon. In this moment, the biathletes dissolve into arcs and swathes of color, almost losing all form at the edge of abstraction.

During the race, what did these biathletes sense in that moment? Did they hear the crowd cheering them on? Perhaps. Or maybe they were so focused on their form that they only heard the duet of their breathing and the slap of the skates on the asphalt. Did this specific moment even register? Or maybe it was just one of many moments in that race. Or maybe the entire race was one long moment.

Photographer Josh S. Rose says, “One of the things a photograph can do magnificently is capture a moment.”

I agree. But how long is a moment? It might be 1/8000th of a second or it might be 10 minutes. Sometimes it may feel like a…
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Scott Gilbertson

Getting carried away

Marijke von Veldhoven
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Anya Toomre
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Only a little sadness
You seek
Flavoring your life
Sprinkle it out
Shaker like 
Little on top

Surprised as
Lid comes off
Pouring out of you
All over your bland life
Ruining it you say

Salt for wounds
Long ignored, suddenly returned
Flocks of ravens
Incessant cries, circling
Beaks at your eyes

Give them
Tears to swallow
What you can’t stomach
Increase your appetite for suffering
Healing shrunken heart, sickened gut

JL Grady
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And now – you’re gone.

I’ve known you for the better part of my adult life. Twenty-two years.
You’ve been my colleague, husband, co-parent, ex-husband. More importantly, throughout different phases and roles, you’ve been my friend.

And now – you’re…
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Helena Roth

Bud break

The willows loose their
To the rain
Hanging dewdrops
In the breeze
Daffodils lift
Their frilly faces
Deer walk
Among renewed greenery
I walk
Renewed too

The lily horns
The iris blades
All remind me
That everything
Comes again
Even when you thought
It was finished
When I thought
It was finished
It is not

It goes on
The sun rises
The earth turns
And spring
Comes again

Beverly Delidow
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This Is How Life Works

  1. It’s a start
  2. This death
  3. Unpunctuated
  4. Another day begun
  5. Sun shining
  6. Birds singing
  7. A flower soon to bloom.
  8. This is how life works
  9. And death.
  10. One into another
  11. Full of forgetting
  12. Full of remembering
  13. This becoming.
  14. Wrestle your demons
  15. Your angels
  16. Your self
  17. As you will.
  18. For the moon is a portal
  19. Beckoning through clouds
  20. And the night’s air causes frogs to sing.

Amanda Judd
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Space Is Not Empty | Memory | Awakening