This Is What Is 2023

In the space between words
Outside the reach of grief
In the midst of knowing beyond reason
There is a power and a hope

Before sunrise and 
After sunset
Before spring and
After fall
Before birth
After death

Where do we go to know differently?

Twilight has passed, another day has ended. Our room is quiet and too still. This night may find us weeping from fear, or loss, or regret. We may sit, shivering, our own variety of demons imagined just outside the door. There is one, small candle whose light reaches every corner of the space. Only in the darkness does it shine so fiercely. As our eyes adjust we begin to see clearly. This is. This is what is. 

Can we rest here? Relaxed and soft. Knowing that we are the room, and we are the candle. And this is. 

Something to cherish.

This Is What Is 2023 is our community’s online gallery show for this year. 

Now In our third year we wonder what calls us back? Where do we go to know, differently?

We’ve created three rooms, three vessels for holding. In the first room, Space Is Not Empty, there is loss and looking and transformation; in the second room, Memory, we re/collect words, a painted condor’s flight, the dragon born from this earth; and in the third room, Awakening, we feel this.

This year we are witnessing absence. We are present here. 

With what is.


The works are also viewable by genre or by looking through the list of contributors.